florida osceola turkey

Foxy has been guiding hunters for long beard Osceola turkeys in excess of 30 years.

His guided hunt score through 2012 is 202 long beards, 186 kills 16 misses,most of which were taken fair chase on public land.  The total score for turkeys taken would probably be almost doubled if the birds Foxy's hunting partner, David Miley, were added in.  Somewhere around 325 birds!! Its a pretty safe bet if the gobbler answers Foxy's calls on the ground the bird will lose. Might take some time but......

Foxy has hunted turkeys all over the nation taking several grand slams with his vintage 16 gauge scattergun and only needs a Rio Grande for a slam with a bow. Then "its on" for Goulds and Ocellated with both shotgun and bow.

The Hunt

Most hunts are for four days long from before sunrise until 1 pm and can be very flexible depending on the clients wishes. for the afternoon.  Some clients bring a boat and enjoy Florida's excellent bass fishing,  Some choose to bring the family and enjoy the tourist attractions, or some just choose to take a napwhile Foxy and David set out to roost a bird.

Foxy and David like to hunt one-on-one with their clients, however two-on-one isn't a problem if the client requests.  Family hunts are a specialty and priced accordingly!!!

A four day hunt or one longbeard turkey per client (which ever comes first) one-on-one is priced at $1000.00 per hunter and a two-on-one is priced at $750.00 per hunter.  Bring a friend and save some cash!!  No trophy fees are charged, however food and lodging are not included in the price.  Airport pick up and drop-off is included, and if a hunter doesn't want to travel with a shotgun, we have some to use at no charge. Since Foxy and David are good "ole boys and like to hunt" as the saying goes -- you get a-lot of bang for the buck!!

HAVE a hunt area and want to kill a turkey???

Foxy and David can also travel to your location to guide for hunters on their own or hunt lease.  They can also travel out of state!!!  The same rates apply and the hunt is based on the same style.  Out of state guiding might require travel expenses depending on the variables.


Foxy and David only take 4 to 6 hunters per year,

 AND DON'T FORGET ~ Foxy is known as Turkeysaurus Rex by his repeat clients.  Sounds like he's been around the turkey woods for quite a while.