12 lb bass fx

Foxy likes to do skin mounts on fish if possible, however sometimes due to certain circumstances a museum quality reproduction is the way to go.  If Foxy has the actual fish that has to be mounted as a reproduction, then a "one time" mold is made of the fish assuring you that the finished mount is exactly like the fish you caught.  Another reason for having your fish mounted at Foxy's Taxidermy is the way Foxy measures some of the "long" fish such as Sailfish, Marlin, Gar, and fish with a deeply forked tail.  Foxy will measure them from the center of the fork in the tail to the bottom jaw saving many inches in the figured price ~ in other words you don't pay for the actual length of the fish, just the length of the body. 

Item   Price

Fresh Water Fish (Except Large Mouth Bass)


$ 7.00 per Inch,

$ 125.00 minimum

Large Mouth Bass - - Any size.   $ 195.00
Large Mouth Bass - - Reproductions   $ 245.00
All other fish Reproductions   $ 10.00 per inch
Salt Water Fish - - Skin Mounts (if possible) Under 36 inches   $ 7.00 per inch
Salt Water Fish - - Skin Mounts (if possible) Over 36 inches   $ 9.00 per inch
Vegetation on Base - - Minimum   $ 35.00
Splash / Water - - Minimum  

$ 95.00

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