rump monkey fx

Over the years Foxy has done many novelty mounts ranging from raccoons fishing, to Alligators drinking beer or playing football, mounts to pose with for pictures, jackalopes, Deer Rumps, and back in 1982 ~ Foxy introduced the world to the "RUMP MONKEY".  He has mounted rump monkeys for clients worldwide.  If you watch the movie Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi, you’ll see Chewbacca trapped in a net by the Ewoks with a rump monkey as the bait!!



Deer Horns on Panel $ 65.00
Elk / Moose Horns on Panel - - Minimum $ 125.00 minimum
Deer Foot Gun Racks

$ 30.00  per pair

(Panel Extra)

Hog Foot Gun Racks  

$ 45.00

(Panel Extra)

Deer Hide Tanned $ 85.00
Rattlesnake Skins Tanned $ 75.00
Rattlesnake Belts $ 100.00
Rattlesnake Hatbands $ 35.00 / $ 75.00
Deer Rump Mount
  $ 65.00
Monkey Rump Mount
  $ 110.00
Jackalope Mount
   $ 125.00
cleaned deer european skull mount

Skull / European mounts

Deer / Antelope European Mount
  $ 125.00
Hog / Bear European Mount
   $ 175.00
Elk / Red Stag European Mount
  $ 200.00
Moose / Buffalo European Mount
  $ 250.00
Alligator European  Mount - Please see under Alligators and Crocodiles prices     

All Prices subject to change without notice.

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