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The Hunt


The hunt is a one night hunt for one hunter and one non-hunting observer with all the equipment provided!  Even the license!  Hunt with a crossbow, harpoon, snare, fishing rod and snatch hook, or regular archery equipment.  We have it all to use!  The hunt will take place locally near Ocala, Florida and is subject to the winning hunter's schedule and available alligator tag.  One alligator limit, size is the hunters call, but no gauranteed kill.  We will be hunting wild free ranging ‘gators and things happen.  One thing you can bet on is BF Gators will try their best.  The hunt can be upgraded to include multiple nights at the regular rates, and charges.  All the lucky hunter has to do is show up in suitable hunting attire and off we head to the lake to hunt a Dinosaur!!!  We’ll even skin him!!  Not included in the hunt are:  tips for the guides, taxidermy, personal items, a cooler to transport the meat, or ice for the meat.
The night will start off at ~ the Kick n’ Back Café located at 14400 East Highway 40 in Silver Springs, Florida with a celabratory Supper for the lucky hunter and guest.  The Kick n’ Back is a local resturant with home cooking that features a caribbean flair.  After dining and kickn’ back, we’ll head to the lake a little bit before dusk to see if we can catch a big lizard coming off the bank and out of hiding searching for his next meal.  Hopefully he’ll eat our bait and then the adventure starts!!  After he tows the airboat for a while, its time to get him up to the side of the boat.  Bringing the ‘gator to the side of the boat can sure get the adrenaline flowing ~ a mini T-Rex trying to fight you while you are trying to “stick” him.  No baited hooks here that we check the next day.  He’s loose and fresh.  After we get a line in him its time to bring him back to the boat for the bang sticking and then the high fiveing and pictures ~ don’t forget the camera!!!!!  Back to Foxy’s Taxidermy to get him skinned and processed for personal use.
You can puchase your tickets on-line via Paypal ($20 each or 6 for $100):

Or see below for local locations where you can purchase tickets.


Remember: this hunt can be “gifted”to another person if the lucky winner desires!!!
The lucky winning hunter will schedule and plan the hunt between August 15th and  October 20th 2014. Actual hunt date will be dependent upon available Alligator harvest tags and the hunters personal hunting schedule.  Winning raffle ticket is void after October 20th 2014.
Don’t forget to support the sponsers, because they support the East Marion Athletic Association:
Tickets available locally at:
- Foxy’s Taxidermy: 640 SE 164th Ave.,  Silver Springs, Florida
- Kick n’ Back Café: 14400 East Hwy 40, Silver Springs, Florida
GTO Airboats: Levi Davis, 4600 W. Hwy 326, Ocala, Florida, and
- more locations will be added later.
What's more American than Apple pie, Baseball, and Hunting?  I’m sure  the Kick n’ Back Café will serve apple pie for dessert, and hunting ‘gators benefits the East Marion Athletic Association!!!