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The East Marion Athletic Asscociation, based in rural Marion County, is a highly dedicated group of people active in promoting youth sports as a way to ensure a bright future for youth of all ages.  Ranging in age from rookie T-ball players up to Seniors in high school, the youth are taught not only baseball but lifelong lessons in sportsmanship, physical activity, and being an active part in the function of something that will be a part of the future. These lessons will become a part of daily life later on.  The funding for this program is basically non-existent from the county.  Private fund raising is about the only way to pay the bills for things like the power, field upkeep, and umpire fess, which are all required to have a successful program.   In other words, the boys and girls on the teams  have to raise the money for their own baseball program.


 This is where Brian Shifflett and Foxy Davis of BF GATOR HUNTS stepped up to the plate so to speak.  They donated an alligator hunt to raffle off ~ with the proceeds to be donated to the  East Marion Athletic Association Baseball program.  By purchasing raffle tickets, not only will some lucky person get to go on a 'gator hunt, but they will also be helping promote youth sports and all the ripple effects that stem from it.


 Someone will win:  supper for two;  a one night ‘gator hunt; plus additonal prizes donated by GTO Airboats ~ for a $ 20.00 donation!!  This is over a $1000.00 value!! 


Don’t hunt but still want to support the East Marion Athletic Association??? This hunt is completely transferable.  So if the lucky ticket holder can’t make the hunt, or doesn’t hunt, then the entire package can simply be “gifted” to another person!!!