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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Since before I can remember I have been trudging through these woods. Backwater swamps, saw-grass, and prairies are apart of my life. I was raised on this side of the river and would be considered lucky to live out my days hunting and fishing 383,000 acres of the some of the best land & water in the state of Florida.

Brian Wayne Shifflett, an Army Vet and Ocala Native, has been fishing and hunting since the age of three. His first fish caught on the Ocklawaha River began his love for the outdoors. His experience comes only through count-less hours spent in the woods, often before the sun rises and long after it sets. From Blue-gills to 60lb King Salmon to 110lb Costa Rican Sailfish, Squirrels to Grouse, Florida White-tail to Northern Black Bear and most recently through record breaking Florida Giant 12’6” 950lb American Alligator … rest assured that experience is gained only through the time spent “out there.”  Harvesting a Florida Gator has proven to be the most challenging, yet persevered kill. There is nothing simple in the tasks involved pre, during, and post alligator hunt. It would be an honor to share this experience with someone equally determined and appreciative to some true Southern adrenaline.